Office lock for a card and code E-Handle Code


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E-Handle Code is an electronic lock that works on a Mifare 13.56MHz proximity card and a code code. It is perfect for mounting on wooden, steel and aluminum doors. It can work in various modes (see below).


Product main features:

  • Has an RFID reader (e.g. Mifare 13.56MHz)
  • The ability to unlock by code thanks to the touch keyboard
  • The lock indicates low battery condition
  • Can work in office mode (allows you to pass without giving a code or holding a card at set times)
  • A bent handle ensures comfort of use
  • It has an encrypted code function (allows you to enter a pair of random numbers into the code that is being entered so that no one can guess the real code)
  • The lock signals all operations with audible and visual signals
  • Any events stored in the lock's memory can be read




Set contains:

  • External overlay escutcheon with a proximity reader and a keyboard, spacing 72, 85, 90, 92mm
  • Internal escutcheon with a mechanical handle with a built-in 8mm semi-rotary spindle and a battery compartment
  • Set of screws



Working modes:

  • Standalone mode 120 users
  • RAY-SFT-HOTEL hotel system mode
  • Office system mode RAY-SFT-OFFICE



Pin type
Door thickness
Short 38-59mm
Long 60-80mm




Technical data



  • External panel
  • Internal panel



  • 42 x 290 x 15 mm
  • 42 x 290 x 15/22 mm
Available transponder versions Card, key ring, proximity sticker MIFARE s50 / s70 (up to 128 users), PIN code 4 ÷ 6 digits (up to 128 code sets)
Power supply 3 x 1.5V AAA alkaline
Working voltage 3.6~4.8V
Battery lifetime About 30,000 cycles
Operating temperature -30°C up to +60°C
Humidity to 95%
Protection level IP 43 (internal escutcheon), IP56 (external escutcheon)




Electronic security


  • Protection against serial entry of incorrect PIN code
  • Protection against the serial use of the wrong magnetic card
  • Nominal PIN Code Input (Add 1 ~ 4 random digits before or after the correct PIN code)



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