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vG-BL2 SQ is an SMS code handle for apartments with a very modern look. The electronic lock is operated with the TTlock application, in which you can generate codes for a specified period of time, add proximity cards, check the history of events, check the statistics of entries and presence of its users, and control the battery level. Like all apartment code locks from the vG-lock series, this code handle is very easy to install. The digital handle works with the existing mortise lock - which allows for quick replacement of the hardware on the existing door. The vG ‑ BL2 combination lock has a short plate with a rectangular shape and covers only the upper part of the handle, which allows the lower rosette to be left for a mechanical key. The SMS code lock vG-BL2 has a built-in voice module, which allows you to receive messages in the form of spoken words - "open door", etc. However, its greatest advantage is resistance to weather conditions with the IP 65 degree, which allows it to be used on external entrance doors to buildings .


Works for:

Combination code

Mifare card 13,56MHz

Mobile app

Emergency key


Fingerprint (to order)







  1. Touch keyboard
  2. The card reader
  3. Fingerprint (optional order)
  4. Emergency insert
  5. Emergency charging port
  6. Battery housing



Generating and sending the code - video


Unboxing and montage of the vG-BL2 SQ lock


vG-BL2 SQ programming


Works with the following mortise locks:







Any mechanical mortise lock



Fire mortise lock EI30 72 / 55-65 / 20 Startec

  • The use with the vG-BL2 SQ handle does not affect the door structure
  • Fireproof mortise lock designed for internal and external doors
  • Lock in DIN standard
  • Fire door lock class 1 of EN 12209: 2005
  • 55 or 65 mm backset
  • 72 mm spacing (PZ, DIN compliant)
  • The front plate of the lock is rounded
  • Front plate of the lock 20x235x3 mm (in accordance with DIN)
  • Lock case 98 * 165 * 12mm


Self-locking lock TKZ40

  • For entrance doors to apartments and houses
  • The bolt extends automatically when the door is pressed down
  • For left and right doors (adjustable latch)
  • Combined with an signboard and a insert
  • To the text of the inserts (the insert does not need to be idle)
  • The pawl is made of nickel-plated brass, spindle seat made of cast
  • Very wear-resistant thanks to the use of special materials
  • Panic function (opened from the inside with a handle)
  • Steel bolt with an extension of 22 mm
  • Stainless steel front face plate, round, 22 mm wide


Set contains

  • internal signboard with a battery compartment
  • external signboard
  • gaskets for signboards
  • set of fastening screws
  • spindle 8cm
  • 2 keys for emergency opening
  • 3 proximity tags
  • instruction


Available colors




Available versions with fingerprint

Technical data

Access Cipher code, Mifare card 13,56MHz, Mechanical key, TTlock APP
Color Black, silver (optional)
Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth) 170*70*19mm
Power supply 4/8x AA alkaline battery
Emergency opening Mechanical key
Autoblock Yes
Current consumption when idle 15~30 uA
Current consumption in operating mode 200mA
Operating humidity 20%~70%
Working temperature 4-50°C
Door thickness Up to 50mm
Lock capacity 150 codes, 200 cards
Warranty 2 years



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