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CX6122 AP Lock Cylinder


CX6122 AP Lock Cylinder



The CX6122 AP is a version of the CX6122, which has been developed for special use in existing emergency exits that only fulfil DIN with restraints.

Based on the CX6122, a double-knob cylinder was developed whose integrated mechanism ensures that after actuation the lock lug turns to the six o'clock position. The mechanical inner knob is has a fixed connection to the cylinder.

The Clex knob module is a universally applicable, battery-powered unit which, for example, is also utilised in the cylinders  CX6124 and CX6126 and is already set up for 868 MHz wireless network as standard.

Thanks to the installation of the Clex knob module using a Euro profile cylinder, conventional DIN Euro profile locks can be used and practically no extensive assembly is required.  Thus the double knob cylinder is a cost-effective solution for both new and existing buildings.

The communication technology, mechatronics and batteries are located in each knob module. The locking cylinder is powered with two conventional CR-2 lithium batteries which can power up to 71.000 locking operations (depending of the transponder technology used). The battery management issues 3 tones before the last closing operations to indicate that the battery needs to be changed. The cylinder can always be powered from an exterior power source using a low power adapter, even when the battery is completely flat.

The broadest range of transponder carriers can be used with the Clex knob module as keys. These include as passive transponders (without power supply): ISO card or CX6320, fob or CX6330, the CX6110 locking cylinder key: CX6310 or the transponder clip: CX6340 and alternatively CX6362 as an active function transponder. 

The Clex knob module has the following advanced system features:

  • Special time zones/day time activation possible
  • Permanent coupling (toggle function) possible
  • Batteries can only be changed/removed with the right authorisation to open the battery compartment.
  • Simple assembly and dismantling of the knob. This is only possible with the right authorisation.
  • Sealed, water-proof knob in housing up to protection class IP66 (depending on the version)
  • Transponder types: EM4102, EM4450, HITAG 1, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® DESFire®, LEGIC®, active transponder (868 MHz) 

For emergency doors of public buildings where manipulation from indoors must be prevented, the CX6122AP has been enhanced and equipped with a mechanical cylinder end on the inside. The result: the CX6122AP-M


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