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iQR03 Lock


Triple access control


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The iQR 03® is at the top of it´s range, a lock that joints QR code reading, code and proximity cards.

With iQR 03® the entire functioning of the lock shall be performed by reading optics, using a QR
code, proximity card or a pin code as a key. This can be printed on paper orstored and transported in
digital format such as a smartphone. Totally free of wires, low energy consumption, without structural
changes in the door and the handle option freedom. With the iQR 03® you can easily configure all
access through a simple and intuitive software


  • The encrypted QR code is used to open a door, with high personalization level•
  • Can be generated by mobile software, and can be used to open the door directly without any paper or card which is healthy and environment-friendly•
  • It is the first designed lock that operates with QR code in the world, this model obtained many patents including for domestic, international and innovative utilities•
  • It is made in acrylic with unique characteristics and has built-in flame retardant•
  • A HD CMOS camera is used , with strong anti-interference ability•
  • Functions like time synchronization and opening records available•
  • High power of integration with the online market biggest players, integration and smart check-in machine through kiosk


  • Simplify the procedures of the front desk service, choose the suitable hotel room in short time, and improve the hotel overall work efficiency•
  • Much easier to show the detailed hotel information and attract more customers•
  • Diversified hotel services and personalized staying experience, highly protect customers privacy•
  • Change the traditional hotel business model, combine iternal management with external marketing perfectly•
  • Reduce human operational errors•
  • Economy on cards and other opening devices•
  • Simplifies the access to the information, anywhere•
  • Human resources costs reducing•
  • Possibility of cooperation with virtual operators, increasing the hotel popularity•
  • APP PassBook APPLE sinchronization possibility (on all Apple devices•
  • Does not require a cables/ wifi network with repeater signal, which allows to minimize network and internet failures, since it doesn´t depend on external networks

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