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Remote controls

HOTEL REMOTES are remote controls designed to control TVs in hotels, guest houses, training centers, restaurants, etc.

The advantage of our hotel pilots is primarily a convenience:

  • for visitors - clear layout of buttons,
  • for the hotel - the pilot does not require programming, it works after the batteries are inserted.

TV hotel remotes have been designed so that their functions prevent:

  • Detuning of TVs for guests - access to the advanced Features of the TV is limited and guests have the option of using only the basic features,
  • Theft of pilots - cooperate only with those types of TVs that are available in the hotel,
  • Destruction of covers - the remote is solid and durable.

Our remote controls can also affect the positive image of your objects with the ability to print hotel logo on the remote control's cover.








Remote control in a black cover with a number of functions:

  • on / off,
  • Numeric Keypad 0-9,
  • Volume + / -
  • channels + / -
  • mute (turn off audio)
  • button to change double-digit channels - / -.
  • The remote control has a special "HOTEL TV" sticker


Perfect remote control for hotels that care about the image, thanks to the possibility of placing:

  • color logo of the hotel,
  • a unique system of buttons, created according to the client,
  • possibility of simultaneous use of two devices, eg. TV and SAT.
  • Pilot is available in two cover versions: black or ashen.


All ouf our remotes have CE compatibility certificate and are manufactured in ISO9001:2000 quality system.

The warranty on the remotes is 24 months.

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