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vG-BLreader 2

vG-BLreader 2


Works for Bluetooth / Mifare card / code / app

Basic function of remote reader vG-BLreader 2 is supervision and sharing chosen property to people from every place on the planet and at any time.

vG-BLreader 2 gives you a posibillity of securing outdoor with electric strike or electromagnetic lock. It is perfect for apartments, flats, and all objects for rent to which we don't have daily access and we want to have control over them. Operating is very easy and intuitive. Administrator gives chosen person permission to open by generating a code and send it via SMS. Device which we offering is easy to mount and it almost fit to every door.



vG-BLreader can be managed in two ways: code or free aplication. You can open the door after entering code, and from this moment time starts count  or you can open it by app which connects with lock via Bluetooth in mobile phone.





Generating and sending the code - video


Reader mounting



Technical data

  • Dimensions: 79 x 125 x 15,5 mm,
  • Opening with a code, card or application (Bluetooth),
  • Material: aluminum, tempered glass,
  • Reading range: 0-10 mm,
  • Reading time: ~ 1.5s
  • Internal memory for 1000 users / 20,000 cards,
  • IP66 protection,
  • External 12 V DC power supply,
  • Relay for controlling the actuator (500mA),
  • Working temperature: -20 - + 70oC,
  • Communication: Bluetooth 4.1




Catalogue card

Scheme 1

Scheme 2


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