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vGateway 2 - an internet gateway to manage vG-locks


Locks for the vG-lock series apartments can operate in two modes:

1. Offline mode - in this mode the application generates codes for locks on the TKEN method. This means that locks for aprartaments do not require an internet connection.

2. Online mode - in this mode you can generate codes yourself and send them to locks via the vGateway gateway.


What does the vGateway internet vGateway give us?
1. Access to the current history of events in which all entries via Bluetooth and code, incorrectly entered codes, battery status, etc. are located.
2. Possibility of remote code removal - in the case when the guest leaves the apartment earlier.
3. You can modify and extend the validity of the password.
4. The ability to generate your own short code containing between 4 and 8 characters.
5. The ability to generate one common code for the main entrance (vG-BLreader) and the apartment (vG-BL1).
6. Synchronizing time on locks with time on your phone.


What are the requirements for installing the vGateway?
1. In order for the vGateway to work, you must have WiFi in your property.
2. The vGateway must be connected to a Wi-Fi network and be located 25 m from the Wi-Fi network
Router and 12 m from vG locks with which you want to connect.
3. One vGateway can be configured with only one TTLOCK account (one phone).
4. The vGateway must also be connected to a 110 or 230 V AC power socket.


How does vGateway work (what does it do)?
1. The gateway sends and receives a TCP / IP data stream from the phone / application (remotely) via
Internet / broadband router in your property and converts it into Bluetooth signals for communication
with vG-locks (locally)




Schematic diagram of operation




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