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Rental property lock vG-BL6 Slim



vG-BL6 Slim


Rental property lock vG-BL6 Slim

Works via Bluetooth / Mifare card / code / application

Overlay lock for apartments from the vG-Lock series - allows for quick, simple and safe management of rooms rented for a short period.

The vG-BL6 Slim lock can be mounted on both internal and external doors. Operated by means of codes (time, one-time, cyclically renewable, permanent), cards or applications - it gives the possibility of functional management of the premises, checking the history of events or controlling the battery level in the lock.

The vG-BL6 Slim handle is very easy to install and fits most existing doors on the market.





Lock administration

The vG-BL6 Slim lock is operated in three ways:

1. Through the code (the ability to generate time codes)
2. With the Mifare 13.56 RFID proximity card (the ability to set the time range of the card's operation, the ability to assign one card to many locks)
3. Via bluetooth/app (the ability to send eKey's electronic keys for a certain period of time)




Generating and sending the code - video


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