Temperature measurement station DM517


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Product main features:

  • Uses infrared thermal imaging technology to quickly capture temperature data, to measure temperature for people passing in non-contact way, and to prompt alarm the abnormal temperature through acousto-optic alarm, so as to effectively prevent large-scale disease infection
  • It is integrating high-precision thermal imaging temperature sensor, built-in intelligent face capturing algorithm, image processing and other technologies. With face detection, body temperature detection, face capture and other powerful functions
  • It can carry out metal detection on the passing person, check whether they carry metal contraband or not, effectively assist in anti-epidemic, and realize public safety prevention and control
  • Ultra-high detection sensitivity, excluding the influence of belt buckles, leather shoes and bras, It could detect precious metals such as copper, aluminum, and zinc above 150 grams, or controlled knives and guns
  • Can be connected with computer, camera, three rollers, monitoring, statistical detection, adjust the security gate parameters
  • Two sides of the door body are equipped with LED lights, which can visually display the area where prohibited items are located by positioning lights
  • Comply with international safety standards, it is harmless to heart pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc.
  • Bilateral contraption infrared can accurately detect the number of people passing through and alarm number
  • Use the remote control to set the parameters. The parameters can be password protected, which can’t be operated by unauthorized personnel
  • Can be connected to a matching temperature screening comprehensive management software through the network

18 detection zones

Temperature measurement and metal detection


Technical data

Framework Material PVC Shell
Outer Dimension (Height*Width*Depth) 2300*810*500 mm
Inner Dimension (Height*Width*Depth) 1900*700*500 mm
Gross Weight 80kg
Touch Panel  AC187V-242V  50/60Hz
Power Supply 187V~242VAC, 50/60Hz
Web Client Language English, Chinese
Protective Level Thermal infrared imaging camera: IP66
Walkthrough detector: IP53
Power Consumption <35W
Operation Temperature Thermal infrared imaging camera: 10℃ to 45℃
Walkthrough detector:-20℃ to 85℃
Operation Humidity 0 ~ 95% (No freeze)
Detection Zone 18 Zones Standard   



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