Hotel switches for a card

A hotel card switch is a perfect complement to the electronic hotel lock system. By using one common card, you can open the door and then turn on the electricity in the room. Savings after using a hotel switch can reach up to 20% per year. The principle of the hotel switch is to turn on the energy in the hotel room only after inserting the guest card into a special stand, hanging on the wall right at the entrance. The hotel switch is subtly illuminated, so even in the dark it is easy to find. After inserting the card, all electric circuits are switched on and the light turns on automatically. When leaving the room, the guest takes the card from the device, so that no electrical devices remain in the room (except for the refrigerator circuit). Hotel switches have a built-in time delay, so even after removing the card, there is about 30 seconds to take the most important things and leave the room quietly.


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