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Our company offers modern temperature control systems built entirely from scratch at the customer's request. Our systems are used wherever there is a need to protect the company against the entry of people with the coronavirus. The main assumption of the system is to limit the access of people with increased temperature to the premises. In an era of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, people with temperatures above 37.3 ° C are considered potentially infected. The system is to prevent such a person from entering the company's premises and eliminate the possibility of infection of other people. An additional element of the temperature control system is hand disinfection and a combined access control system for proximity cards. Therefore, the system forces all three activities to be performed before entering the facility.



The system therefore consists of screens equipped with body temperature sensors, the so-called temperature control terminals, dispensers equipped with hand sanitizer, electromotive access gates, emergency exit buttons, power supplies, control relays and access readers. Before entering the building, stand at a distance of 0.5 to 1 m in front of the measurement screen, stand in the displayed contour of the face and wait a moment for the measurement. After positive temperature verification, the screen gives a signal to operate the dispenser. People within the range of the preset safe body temperature can use their hand to use a dose of disinfecting liquid to wash their hands. After these two - dependent procedures, the employee can place his access card against the installed access control reader. 



All four procedures are interdependent. Therefore, it is not possible, for example, to use only the temperature measurement or to use the card itself to get to the premises. The sequence of the procedure:

  1. Measure body temperature
  2. Hand disinfection
  3. Close the access card
  4. Gate opening



The exit from the facility takes place by holding the card close to the exit reader or - in the case of evacuation - by pressing the evacuation button located at the gate. Additionally, the gates can be connected to the existing fire protection system. In the event of an evacuation alarm, the gates receive a signal from the fire protection system to open and automatically open. All our temperature control systems are individually adapted to the customer's needs. Our temperature control stations can be configured in any way, adapting to the needs and capabilities of a given company.




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