Electronic cabinet locks

A cabinet lock is a device that allows you to protect the interior of pool lockers, wardrobes, drawers, replacing traditional key locks. It is a solution aimed at sports and recreational facilities such as aquaparks, SPA hotels, schools as well as modern production plants and offices. The cabinet lock works with cards, bands or proximity tags. The cabinet lock can operate autonomously as well as in an integrated system, e.g. together with hotel locks. All lockers can operate on one permanently assigned code or in the first free mode used in swimming pool changing rooms, where the user enters his one-time code and leaves the locker open after the visit. A cupboard lock is a modern and convenient solution increasing the prestige of the facility. Below you will find a list of cabinet locks we offer.

It very often happens that the contents of lockers - both in public and private places - require additional protection. The perfect solution in this case are modern electronic cabinet locks, which will noticeably increase the security of any content in each cabinet.


What is an electronic cabinet lock?

The electronic locker lock is a modern device, thanks to which it is possible to effectively protect the cabinet against possible attempts to force it, and thus also to protect its contents. The lock equipped with an innovative, intelligent mechanism unlocks access to the selected cabinet after entering the selected, programmed code or applying a special reader compatible with the device.

Among the modern electronic cupboard locks available on the market, you can find models that differ in terms of dimensions, design and operation. They can be:

  • -code locks,
  • -cabinet locks on the band,
  • -card locks.

Individual types of cabinet locks have their specific purposes, in which they perfectly fulfill their function.


Electronic cabinet locks - application

Electronic combination locks are characterized primarily by the possibility of wide application. They are perfect for both public use and private homes and apartments. In public places, they effectively protect areas with restricted access, securing valuables, money, documents or other items left in cabinets.

The devices can be found, among others, in various types of sports facilities, in shops and shopping malls, in large enterprises and workplaces, as well as in self-service luggage storage rooms. This type of locks are particularly popular solutions in swimming pools. Almost any type of lock is suitable for securing private belongings of guests using the facility:

  • -pool lock with a card,
  • -pool lock with a band,
  • -pool lock code.

The electronic pool lock is a significant convenience for all users and a guarantee of certainty and safety.

Locks for HPL lockers are a common solution for securing swimming pool systems, but they also work well in gyms, sports halls, employee locker rooms and other social rooms, as well as in educational centers from kindergarten to university.


Security for each cabinet

Electronic locks can be successfully used to secure both metal and wooden cabinets, as well as those made of plastic. Regardless of the type, method of manufacture or dimensions, the lock will effectively protect the contents of the cabinet. An electronic locker lock is a device that can be used both by one person - for example in a staff office locker - as well as for many users - for example in the case of pool lockers or lockers in a shopping mall.


Electronic cabinet lock - quality is a guarantee of safety

The modern cabinet locks offered by Wano Solutions are devices of the highest quality. Each lock is made of carefully selected materials and certain components and subassemblies. This is what makes the electronic cabinet locks from our offer stand out above-average durability and resistance - both for everyday, intensive use and for any attempts of unauthorized opening.

Our locks are not only durable and reliable, but also extremely easy to use and install. Installing the device on a selected cabinet should not take more than a dozen or so minutes, and its use can be easily handled by every employee, hotel guest, gym or swimming pool user.

Electronic cabinet locks that can be found in our offer are devices adapted to the growing needs of a modern user. Therefore, they have been equipped with the ability to remotely generate access codes, as well as manage their work from the level of the mobile application.

Excellent efficiency and above-average durability of electronic cupboard locks are closed in their modern, aesthetic design. Thanks to this, the devices can be easily adapted to the appearance of selected cabinets, as well as the style of the entire room.



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