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Physical access control consists of activities, supported by an appropriate hardware system, aimed at monitoring selected locations, checking who, when and for how long visited a given place. An effective access control system is a great support for any medium-sized company, large enterprise or hotel. At Wano Solutions you will find modern and reliable products that are the basic elements of the latest intelligent access control systems. Our assortment includes, among others:

  • one key systems,
  • intelligent parking systems,
  • electronic locking systems,
  • PIN locks,
  • QR code locks,
  • revolving and sensory gates,
  • cards, key rings and RFID wristbands,

All our products are systems and accessories of the highest class, improving and facilitating the ongoing monitoring of selected locations.



The most important advantages of access control systems

Modern access control systems enable constant insight into the life of an enterprise or hotel facility. Thanks to such elements as gates or code locks, cards, or a special key ring - it is possible to save in the system each visit to a selected location. The possibility of such a thorough control allows for a significant increase in the level of security of all employees or hotel guests.

Access control systems are also a much more convenient alternative to classic locks. Both employees and regular customers or hotel guests often lose the received keys, which unfortunately requires the replacement of one or more locks. Access cards or bracelets are much more difficult to lose. Moreover, their getting lost is not associated with such serious consequences. Modern access systems, unlike classic keys, always leave a trace of their activity. Thanks to this, in the event of any burglary, theft or other undesirable events, finding the perpetrator may be much easier. The high level of security guarantees greater sense of confidence and psychological comfort to all employees or guests of a given place.



What are the possibilities of the access control system?

Modern and intelligent access control systems improve the daily life of the company and facilitate both the use of selected locations in the building, as well as monitoring their security. By installing an access control system in a company, warehouse or hotel, you gain the possibility of almost any management of selected locations. With the help of modern systems, you can independently manage people who have access to selected places in the company. Thanks to this, it is possible to set up automatic access for all employees and the need to register or report to the reception for guests or potential contractors. The systems also allow you to manage the hours when selected people can access location data.



Types of identifiers in access systems

Modern access control systems that you will find in our assortment are not only high-class, reliable equipment, but also devices that can be successfully adapted to your own needs and expectations. Among other things, we give you the option to choose between several of the most popular identifiers used in access control systems. The most common and still the most frequently chosen type of identifier is a card which, after holding it against the reader, allows you to open selected doors. However, access control systems can be synchronized with other access methods, such as employee ID, individually set password or a several-digit PIN code, as well as a QR code. Increasingly used also include biometric identifiers, based on the recognition of fingerprints or iris.

The access control systems we offer are modern and reliable means that allow for a noticeable increase in the level of security and comfort of all employees, customers or guests of the selected place. Our systems can also boast official quality and safety certificates, which additionally increase the certainty and comfort of their use.


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