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The UZ-GL-JO electronic glass door lock, made in a timeless stainless steel design, can be installed in virtually all commercially available doors and electronically controlled access to the door. Complete electronics, LED signaling, and power supply - all this is contained in one small handle. Mounting in the door - no wiring or special tools required - is quick and easy. If there is a need, the UZ-GL-JO lock and fittings can be controlled via the radio network. Intuitive operation is ensured by optical LEDs (red / green) and acoustic signals. UZ-GL-JO - a card lock for glass doors can be used in many different facilities, e.g. in an office or administrative complex, industrial building, hospital, university, residential real estate or private residential real estate.


Product main features:

  • Modern, minimalist design in stainless steel
  • Intuitive operation thanks to precise LED signaling
  • Management via Bluetooth app
  • Operation via radio network: offline or online
  • The handle works on the Mifare Classic card, Mifare DESfire 13.56MHz, Legic prime and advant 13.56MHz, EM / HITAG, 125 kHz, radio transmitter 868MHz
  • It complies with the common European standards for locks
  • Existing locks can be used
  • Possibility to choose various forms of handles (form L, form U)
  • A handle suitable for all wooden, steel and aluminum doors with a narrow or wide frame, with a canopy larger than 20 mm
  • Electronic handle suitable for all doors with a thickness from 30 mm to 110 mm
  • No wiring required
  • Version with Bluetooth® Low Energy available
  • Certified for fire and smoke-tight doors in accordance with DIN EN 1634
  • Certified for emergency exit locks according to DIN EN 179
  • Suitable for use on glass doors (round rosette)
  • Possibility of PVD coating in various color variants


Works for RFID cards (for example Mifare 13,56MHz)


Set contains:



Working modes:

  • Autonomous - 1000 users
  • System simple - Keyng1 software up to 1000 users
  • Advanced system mode - Keyvi software up to 60,000 users
  • Bluetooth management - KleverKey software
  • Application management - ÜManagement 2.0 software



Available versions




With one-sided access control




With two-sided access control





Shape of the handle L1 (default)





Shape of the handle U1 (optional)





Shape of the handle U2 (optional)



Handle dimensioning


Shape of the handle L1, U1, U2 (front view)



Shape of the handle L1



Shape of the handle U1



Shape of the handle U2




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