TTlock software


TTLock is an application that allows you to manage the locks of the vG-Lock series. The app and the lock communicate via Bluetooth BLE for unlock, lock, hardware update, read operation. The application works in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Chinese. The app will have more language options in the future.


Possibilities of the system:

  • Granting selected people remote access for a specified period of time
  • Possibility to generate permanent, cyclical, one-time and temporary accesses
  • Possibility of issuing one common card or electronic key for any number of passages, such as the main entrance, room, spa, garage
  • The ability to read room entrances - history of events
  • Battery powered, does not require connection to electricity
  • No wiring required for the rooms
  • The ability to work remotely without the need for a computer
  • The possibility of extending the time of the guest's stay remotely
  • Possibility of blocking access to given rooms
  • Possibility to work on many reception positions
  • No need for a reception desk
  • Open API and SDK - free integration with any PMS, POS, Parking, Housekeeping and Fault Records systems



Elements of the system:

  • electronic locks
  • electronic readers
  • electronic inserts
  • cabinet locks
  • parking locks
  • LAN / WiFi gateways
  • Mifare 13.56 MHz cards
  • batteries
  • emergency keys



vG-BL2 SQ lock programming by a TTlock APP




Unlimited eKeys

In the TTlock app, the Administrator has the right to assign and modify user access. Access is granted using the patented E-key operating online in the cloud platform. User access can be generated for various periods: temporary, permanent, one-time, cyclical or custom-set, depending on the administrator's needs.




How does it work?

The TTLock application is a solution that allows for wireless and remote operation of apartments, flats for rent, hotels, offices and cabinet locks. We can grant access to our guests from anywhere in the world in real time, without the need to use the Internet, WiFi or GSM. The application works both offline, based on a cloud solution, and on-line using network gates integrated with the notification system. In addition, its functions allow you to leave the lock in transition mode within a given time frame.




The application, having access to the Internet, allows us to monitor events stored on devices on an ongoing basis, thanks to which we have a preview of who and when got to our room. The events are arranged chronologically and can be exported to an excel file on a computer or laptop.






Thanks to the use of vGateway gateways, we can enable notifications in the application, which will inform us each time a given card, code or mobile application unlocks the lock. This allows us to have more control of our apartment in real time.



Granting access such as card, code, fingerprint or e-key is not the only functionalities of the application, all generated accesses can be viewed at any time in the register. An additional function increasing the administrator's convenience is remote opening, often used in emergency situations. Another functionality that is used mainly in offices and larger facilities is the passage mode that allows you to set specific time frames in which the lock opens and closes itself at a specific time. The application also has a simple job registration system that allows you to create a structure and add employees, and thus supervise their punctuality.






eKey is nothing more than granting access to the application for the user. It works best when the user has already used locks on the TTLock application. It is also friendly to the new user by creating a welcome message for him, inviting him to operate the lock. This is a great solution for customers who forget the code or card and always carry the phone with them.





All generated accesses can be monitored and modified on an ongoing basis in registers, we have an impact on their length depending on whether we want to shorten or extend them or completely remove them.







Depending on the lock model, the app allows you to add fingerprints as a form of access. All generated biometric accesses are saved in registers so that we can delete them and modify the access validity time.




IC Cards

The TTLock application allows us to add Mifare 13.56 Mhz access cards to the lock. Once the cards are added to the lock, they are saved in the register so that we can constantly modify the validity of their access to individual rooms. Thanks to the network solution, we can add cards on one device, and then send them to any number of other rooms. The assigned cards can be named and assigned to the individual responsible for them.





The TTLock application is a constantly developing platform to support more and more devices such as parking locks, padlocks, safes, and even bicycle locks and remote controls. It has constant support from the manufacturer and the continuity of updates improving the functionality of both the application and the electronic devices themselves.

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