RFID cards


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Product main features:

  • Various printing methods:
    • Inkjet printing (quality of ATM cards)
    • Transfer printing (personalization)
    • Retransfer printing (personalization)
    • Offset printing (for large quantities)
  • Cards can be personalized to suit your needs: add your company logo, text, photo, etc.
  • Cards can be in white version without printing, with one-color printing or with multicolor printing
  • There are cards with a memory carrier (proximity cards) or those that do not.
  • There is a possibility of applying special coatings
  • Cards may have silicone signature strips
  • The possibility of using embossing
  • Card standards: Mifare Classic, Mifare DESfire 13.56MHz, Legic prime and advant 13.56MHz, EM / HITAG, 125 kHz
  • It is also possible to order LoCo magnetic cards (with a low coercivity coefficient: 300-400 Oe) and HiCo cards (with a high coercivity coefficient: 2700-4000 Oe)



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