Combination lock with code and card vG-PC1


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The vG-PC1 combination lock is a simple and elegant solution to control access to apartment offices and any rooms to which we want to increase the level of security. The main task of the vG-PC1 code lock is to supervise and provide access to a selected room by means of a code or card. The vG-PC1 combination lock is available in an overlay version - it means that it works with most mortise locks. The operation of the lock is intuitive and very easy to learn. The administrator issues a code or card to a selected person in a simple and fast way. Our combination lock is easy to install and fits virtually any door, and its solid construction guarantees long and reliable operation.


The lock works on:

RFID card (125kHz)

  • 200 cards + 2 Master cards
  • Adding and removing new Master cards
  • Adding user cards individually
  • Adding more user cards
  • Removing the selected user card
  • Delete all usage cards


  • 50 codes + 1 Master
  • 8-digit master code
  • Master code can be changed
  • User codes from 4-6 digits
  • Option to remove the selected code
  • User code can be changed
  • Possibility to remove all codes at once
  • Putting the lock into daily mode



The castle is managed in two ways:

  • Via code or Master card
  • The lock can add 50 different user codes in the range of 4-6 digits and 200 proximity cards
  • The lock has a touch keyboard which is awakened from sleep mode by pressing the CARD button
  • The lock has the DAILY MODE function - the handle is active for any time



Lock assembly



Technical data

Dimensions 168*68*25mm
Power supply 6V (4xAA alkaline batteries)
Finish Stainless steel, aluminum, tempered glass
Inducing power to the keyboard The keyboard is activated after it is touched
Current consumption during operation 200mA
Current consumption when idle 15-30mA
Types of opening the lock Proximity card 125kHz, numeric keypad, mechanical key
Autoblock Yes, after 7 seconds
Door thickness Min. 20 mm
Working temperature 5-70°C
Warranty 2 years



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