One key systems MasterKey

MASTERKEY is a technological and design solution and its premise is having a single opening key only for those areas, the user has authority to. Every key in the system has its specified access level: it opens one, a couple or every single area.



MASTERKEY System works best in:

  • small, average and large enterprises
  • residential areas
  • housing cooperatives
  • hotels, motels, pensions, sanatoriums etc.
  • financial institutions of various kind
  • administration buildings and public utility
  • educational institutions
  • everywhere, where access to numerous closed areas is required, thus many keys are needed


Main assets of MASTERKEY:

  • convenience and aesthetics - by implementing the system, you get rid of heavy keychains, keylocks and keyboxes
  • ease of access control in rooms or buildings - in the system, you grant access only to authorized people
  • flexibility - it's possible to create different system structures, ranging from plain to very complex; ability to grant random access
  • functionality and safety in emergency situations, when instant access to many rooms is needed, ie. in case of building evacuation or technical obstacles - there's one key that opens all the doors
  • versatility - different kinds of closers can work together in the system: ie. cylinder door locks, padlocks and outer locks
  • ease and control of adminstrating keys - only the system owner in WANO Solutions can cut a key/ a padlock and an insert, by applying safety card (by using the number given to a particular product)
  • high quality confirmed by perennial functionality of our systems


MASTERKEY Systems have multiple use. They work excellent not only in big companies but in average and small buildings, residential areas, hotels and even on ships as well. They're being used by people in charge of cooperatives, associations and energetics sector.

Key plan is the basis of a properly implemented MASTERKEY System. This document exhibits the access structure and closings schedule of the system in a precise way. Key plan is required to prepare an offer, system implementation, assembly and system administration.

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