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Any company employing employees should be able to exercise any control over their working time. In the case of small companies with several people, this process is usually easy and efficient, but when the company employs several dozen employees from various departments, professional help may turn out to be necessary. The answer to this need are modern work time registration systems, which often provide invaluable help to all business owners or people responsible for supervising other employees.

At Wano Solutions, you will find modern work time registration systems that can be easily adapted to the specificity of a given company, the number of employees, as well as the individual needs and requirements of product users.



What are the possibilities of RCP systems?

The basic function that each system of this type performs is, of course, the effective recording of the time of performing professional activities. Intelligent recorders collect information on an ongoing basis about each entry and exit to and from the company. Each employee, starting and finishing work, leaves a permanent mark in the system. Thanks to this, it is possible to carefully and evidence-based settlement of the working time of each person employed in a given company. However, it is worth knowing that modern RCP systems also have a number of other, equally interesting and practical functionalities that will allow you to improve many processes in the company.

One of such useful functions is, for example, the ability to conveniently create detailed work schedules. The systems allow you to create a working time grid, taking into account shift work, public holidays, sick leave or employee vacation days. The employer himself or the person managing the system may also enter other, additional data, such as information on breaks, trips or business meetings, or training sessions taking place during work. Creating graphics using the system is extremely simple; it allows for efficient planning of work for a large number of employees, as well as the ongoing introduction of possible changes. What's more, it is possible to copy data from previous weeks or months, which allows for a significant acceleration of the time for arranging schedules. In addition to detailed schedules, with the help of the systems it is also possible to create employee attendance lists. Attendance lists can be used on a daily basis in each department, as well as during conferences, business meetings or training sessions.

What else can modern work time registration systems allow? Intelligent devices also allow you to create work time reports, covering any predetermined period - from one working day, through a week or a month, to a quarter or a year. Detailed reports allow superiors to conduct an in-depth analysis of the work of selected people employed in the company. This analysis is carried out only on the basis of hard data, recorded on an ongoing basis throughout the work, and not on the basis of opinions or liking or dislike of employees. Therefore, RCP systems enable the full objectivization of the employee's assessment.

Working time recording systems can be modified almost freely, thanks to which it is possible to precisely match an employee to a given department or group, as well as the duties assigned to him or the minimum working time per month.



RCP system and access control

Time recording systems are often combined with modern access control systems. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to check the number of hours worked by a selected person, but also to monitor all entrances to individual places in the company on an ongoing basis. Cards, key rings or bracelets with readers leave a permanent trace in the system, on the basis of which it is possible to create work time reports, as well as increase the level of control and security in the company.



RCP systems - why is it worth it?

Modern work time registration systems are intelligent and reliable help for every employer. Easy to use, they allow you to get to know your employees better, their capabilities and weaknesses, as well as create reports of time and efficiency of each of them. All collected data can be quickly and easily exported to other systems, such as, for example, HR and payroll programs. What's more, RCP systems also allow you to avoid possible financial losses resulting from inaccurate recording of working time.

The systems raise the prestige of each company, at the same time motivating employees and increasing their commitment and work efficiency.


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