Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a modern way of communicating advertising content in digital form by using designed advertisement monitors managed via a network. The solution enables the transfer of the ad materials into forms of texts, images, even films and music. The dynamic transmission of advertising materials is attractive and attracts more attention than a static image. Wide Range of opportunities that Digital Signage offers, makes the solution an interesting alternative to traditional billboards and advertising hoardings.


Benefits of Digital Signage Application:


  • Broadcasting advertising materials in a specific time and place of construction,
  • Remote management of the appearance of the presented content,
  • Management of content for specific target groups,
  • Using a visually dynamically variable contents,
  • Wide range of applications.



Structure of Digital Signage System Management 












Possibilities of using digital signage monitors are virtually endless, found mostly in places where they're most likely to be noticed. Monitors according to need can be used both inside buildings and outside. Advertising in the form of a dynamically changing image successfully displaces large static billboards, thereby attracting more attention and focusing numerous audience.

Advertising monitors are being increasingly used in places such as hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, clubs, etc. Thanks to its versatility, they successfully displace the use of traditional posters and information boards. They can be successfully used for the presentation of menu restaurants, attractions in the hotel or presentation your company.



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