Hotel and commercial TV

Today's hotel guests want to be up to date with everything. At the same time they expect that the television equipment in their room will tie in with the overall decor of the room. That's why the hotel TV today requires a comprehensive approach. One that takes into account the expectations of both visitors as well as issues related to the costs of implementation. Below you will find our proposals to meet these requirements.

Commercial Hotel TV C - has all the basic functions necessary for hotel applications. They are much cheaper compared with professional hotel TVs and enjoy a great interest of customers.

Professional Hotel TV P - meets the highest requirements of customers. Possesses  a number of advanced features, also for use in interactive systems.

The main characteristics of our Hotel TVs are modern design of each model, simple operation of use and excellent sound and picture quality. In addition, each TV has a number of auxiliary functions enabling interoperability with modern systems of digital broadcasting transmission. TV sets from our offer meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests.


Hotel features:

CP Setup Mode System
Blocks the possibility of fine tuning in the standard menu
CP Power On Volume
Selects the volume level when turning TV on
CP Max Volume Chooses maximum volume
CP Panel Button Lock
Button lock on the cover of the tv
CP Power On Source
Choosing input or the tuner on which the TV runs (eg. on the  Hotel information channel)
CP Consumer Convertable
The possibility of conversion to the consumer TV and opportunity for sales in the secondary market, as a regular TV
CP USB Clonning
The ability to copy settings from the main TV to other TVs in the facility​
CP Menu Display
Total blockage of access to the settings of the TV. The TV does not respond to MENU button
CP Auto Power Off The tv automatically switches off if no remote control button is pressed for at least 3 hours
CP Energy Saving Mode Ability to select saving mode (Low / Medium / High / Auto) - control of energy consumption by adjusting the backlight
CP Alarm clock Ability to set alarm time on any radio or tv channel​
CP Invisible speakers
Built-in hidden speakers - give the impression that the sound comes directly from the TV cover, from where the speaker is "invisible"
P Interactive System The TV is prepared to cooperate with interactive hotel systems​
Suitable for a hotel pay TV system
P Outer speakers Possibility of connecting additional speakers - guests while staying eg. In the bathroom can listen to messages without the need to increase the volume
P Clock Built-in clock - the clock is embedded in the front part of the cover; You can turn it on or off, making it visible or completely invisible to the user
P Welcome channel Possibility of uploading a welcome board (eg. Welcome to the Hotel ...)​


Hotel TV Manufacturers:



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